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Friday 24 April 2020

Tulsi Ghat Varanasi

Ghats are an essential part of the city’s culture.ulsi ghat is one of the famous ghats in Varanasi. Earlier ghat was known as Lolarak ghat but later its name became honor of Tulsidas a famous poet because It is believed he had written the Ramcharitmanas while staying here. In 1941, The Ghat was reconstructed by industrialist B.D. Birla. It is also the center of cultural activities. This is a good place so a lot of foreign tourists stay here and enjoy their Varanasi Stay. some important activities like Lolark Sasthi at Lolark Kunda organized here per annum .

Hindu month of Kartika (from Hindi calendar and English oct/noc), the Krishna Lila, a play about the lila of Krishna (Nag Nathaiya), organized per annum , and thousands of devotees come to see Nag Nathaiya. The cultural legacy of Tulsi Ghat speaks volumes about its spiritual stature.
The ghat is south of Varanasi’s city, about a - 10-minute drive from Godowlia Chowk. You can enjoy a walk on a ghat along the waterfront from Dasaswamedh Ghat during periods of water level low. You can also visit nearby Assi Ghat, a popular ghat (starting point) for boat trips along the Ganges River.

Destination: Tulsi Ghat, Varanasi
Destination Type: Ghat, Temple
Location: Tulsi Ghat, Varanasi
Distance from Varanasi Station: 6.5 km
Things to do in Tulsi Ghat: Walk on Ghats, Boat 
Best time to visit Tulsi Ghat: Any
Where to stay in Tulsi Ghat: Hotels in Varanasi
Why To Visit Tulsi Ghat: If you came to Varanasi on holiday so must visit here.
Entry: Free
Tulsi Ghat Timing: any
Place to Visit nearby Tulsi Ghat:
How to Reach Tulsi Ghat: If you are coming from the outstation and at Varanasi Cantt, you can take an auto, taxi from there and reach the Tulsi Ghat. Also, you can reach here from any corner of Varanasi by taking Auto, Taxi or bike easily.

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