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Thursday 2 July 2020

Waterfall Near Varanasi

Varanasi is a popular tourist place and attracts large tourists all through the year. Ganga Ghats is the heart of the Varanasi city which looks spiritually enlightening and spectacularly photogenic during the time of Ganga Aarti which takes place every evening. Apart from this, there are also so many waterfalls, forts, parks nearby Varanasi that will make you fall in love with the city. People also searching banaras waterfall but actually, waterfalls are not in Varanasi.

 The city is also famous for hot chaat, cold lassi, and Banarasi paan are few things which you must try. These waterfalls nearby Varanasi are treated for your eyes and shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Varanasi. So here are the best water fall in varanasi as following.

 1. Jargo Dam Chunar

2. Siddhanath ki Dari Chunar

3. Sirsi Water Fall Mirzapur

4. Vindham Fall Mirzapur

5. Rajdari - Devdari Chandauli Varanasi

6. Lakhaniya Dari Mirzapur

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Monday 27 April 2020

Jargo Dam Chunar

Jargo Dam has constructed on the river Jargo in 1959. This place is surrounded by mountains which look like amazing natural things. Jargo Dam is a good place for a picnic. Visitors can enjoy bath and fishing. The height of the dam is about to 100 feet.

Place Name: Jargo Dam Chunar
Location: 18 km from Chunar, 50 km from Mirzapur and about 50 km from Varanasi in Mirzapur of U.P, India.
Why To Visit: Natural beauty
Entry Fee: Free
Open Hour: 6 AM – 5 PM
How To Reach: Jargo Dam is accessible by taxi/car via Varanasi-Jamhui-Jirgo road.

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Siddhanath ki Dari Chunar

Siddhanath ki Dari is one of best place for weekend picnic near Vindhyachal.This place is spread over a large name became Siddhanath ki Dari because a saint Siddhanath Baba who lived here for a long time and meditate at this place.

Place Name: Siddhanath ki Dari Chunar
Location: 20 km from Chunar, 55 km from Mirzapur district of U.P.
Why To Visit: To see natural beauty and waterfalls.
Entry Fee: Free
Open Hour: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
How To Reach Siddhanath ki Dari: About 60 KM from Varanasi can go by private taxi. Bus Service also available for Mirzapur frequently. From Mirzapur, only 14 KM is Sidhnath ki dari.

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Sirsi Water Fall Mirzapur

Sirsi dam is a great and popular picnic spot nearby Varanasi and Mirzapur. The dam is constructed over the Sirsi River. Sirsi waterfall is located 45 Km from Mirzapur district of UP. When you reach Sirsi first you will see Sirsi Dam, after that moving ahead a little distance the waterfalls start. Where water falls down from a greater height to down which looks amazing view and fantastic sound of water. Sirsi's surroundings are blessed with natural beauty.

Place Name : Sirsi Water Fall Mirzapur
Location: Sirsi dam 45 Km from Mirzapur and 60 Km from Vindhyachal.
Why To Visit: see natural beauty and waterfalls.
Entry Fee: Free
Open Hour: 6 AM – 5 PM
How To Reach Sirsi dam: Mirzapur is well connected by road to many cities in UP. Bus services are also available for many nearby cities and Varanasi. By Rail, Mirzapur is also connected to many major cities of India. Since bus frequency is not good so it is advisable to travel by taxi.

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Vindham Fall Mirzapur

Vindham Waterfall is an ideal weekend picnic spot near Varanasi in Mirzapur District of Uttar Pradesh India. It is a great place for a day picnic to enjoy the beauty of nature and waterfalls. There is also a beautiful park which is maintained and manages by the forest department of Mirzapur. It is located about to 25 KM from Vindhyachal. The nearest railway to Vindham Waterfall station in Mirzapur.

Place Name: Vindham Fall Mirzapur
Location: Mirzapur and 90 km from Varanasi.
Why To Visit: see natural beauty and waterfalls.
Entry Fee: Free
Open Hour: 6 AM – 5 PM
How To Reach Vindham Waterfall: Mirzapur is well connected by road to many cities in UP. Bus services are also available for many nearby cities and Varanasi. By Rail Mirzapur is also connected to many major cities of India.
Best time to visit: In the rainy season when water is up to the mark.
Ideal for: family and friends who are looking for a picnic spot
The time required: 2-3 hours 
Things to do Vindham Waterfall: You can visit nearby spots like Tanda fountains, caves, and temples. This waterfall is a good picnic spot near to Varanasi.
Location: Mirzapur-Ghorawal Road, Mirzapur

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Rajdari - Devdari Chandauli Varanasi

Devdari Waterfall Varanasi

Chandra Prabha Wild Life Sanctuary is a beautiful picnic spot nearby Varanasi. Chandra Prabha dam is very close form Raj Dari and Dev Dari. Raj Dari is surrounded by dense forest, the main point to visit here is waterfalls. The waterfalls area is developed by the forest department where people enjoy the natural beauty. Dev Dari is about 500 meters down from Raj Dari waterfalls.

Place Name : Rajdari - Devdari Chandauli Varanasi
Location: Rajdari-Devdari is located in Chandauli District between Chakia & Naugarh and 70 km from Varanasi.
Why To Visit: To sees the natural beauty of waterfall and wildlife.
Entry Fee: Free
Open Hour: 6 AM – 5 PM
How To Reach: Rajdari-Devdari can be reached by bus or private taxi/car from Varanasi, which is 70 km via Mughalsarai-Chakia-Naugarh road.Rajdari devdari waterfalls distance from Varanasi is around 64 KM.
Things to do: It is a good picnic spot and you can play the sport you like cricket, football, badminton etc since this place is so spacious, that it brings you away from the hustle of city life for a change.
Location: Uttar Pradesh 232111
Distance from Varanasi to Rajdari - Devdari: 64 km
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Lakhaniya Dari Mirzapur

A breathtaking waterfall near the ancient city, Varanasi. It is a very exciting place as it is among those very few waterfalls where you are at the bottom and the waterfalls on you. The waterfall area is surrounded by rocky walls from three sides and the waterfalls from a height of more than 80 m. You have to walk 2-3 Kms after getting down from your vehicle, over stones, mud, rocks, and water to reach the final destination. Need not worry as it is full of excitement and fun.

Place Name : Lakhaniya Dari
Location: Mirzapur and 53 KM from Varanasi.
Why To Visit: Enjoy nature’s beauty and take shower from the waterfall.
Entry Fee: Free
Timings: 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM daily
How To Reach Lakhaniya Dari: Lakhaniya Dari is a 48 km drive from Varanasi and then 1 and a half hours of trek.
Best time to visit: March to July but best in the rainy season.
Ideal for: trekkers and adventure enthusiasts
The time required: 3-4 hours 
Things to do: trekking and adventure sports. A good spot for a picnic and relaxing.
Location: SH 5A, Latifpur, Uttar Pradesh 231301
Lakhaniya Dari Distance from Varanasi: 48 km

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