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Friday 24 April 2020

Scindia Ghat Varanasi

Scindia Ghat is one of the famous ghats in Varanasi (Kashi) and nearby Manikarnika Ghat.
This ghat is also famous for having a variety of the most significant places of worship and Hinduism.  According to mythology,  Lord Agni, the Hindu's God of Fire, was born here. The ghat is named after the Scindias, who built it in 1830 so-known as Scindia Ghat. 
It is also considered and said that it was built by the Baija Bai. This ghat is very clean and peaceful so people do here meditation at the bank of the Gange River  It is considered that the Scindia Ghat construction has made about 150 years old.  A Lord Shiva temple can be see lying partially submerged in the Ganges River and it is said that ghat collapsed under its own excessive weight.
Scindia Ghat Information:

Destination: Scindia Ghat, Varanasi
Destination Type: Ganga Ghat, Religious
Location: Scindia Ghat, Varanasi
Distance from Varanasi Station: 7 km
Things to do in Scindia Ghat: Walk, Boating, Meditation in the morning.
Best time to visit Scindia Ghat: Any
Where to stay near Scindia Ghat: Hotels in Varanasi
Why To Visit Scindia Ghat: If you came to visit Varanasi must take a visit here.
Entry: Free
Nearby Tourist Attraction: Manikarnika Ghat
How to Reach Scindia Ghat: If you are coming from the outstation and at Varanasi Cantt, you can take an auto, taxi from there and reach the Tulsi Ghat. Also, you can reach here from any corner of Varanasi by taking Auto, Taxi, or bike easily.
Scindia Ghat Timing: 24×7

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